Since the days of watching Speed Racer cartoons as a kid, Wilfredo grew up a car enthusiast. Body lines, paint schemes and motors always seem to have his undivided attention. After graduating college with an Associates Degree in Motor Vehicle Technology, he worked 20 plus years in the automotive industry as a technician. Now he is taking that passion and plans to capture amazing cars, motor sports, and car culture events around the world. It's one thing to have your car photographed but when it's through the viewfinder of a "car guy' or "gear head', he sees the dedication and hard work to create a distinctive composition of the craftsmanship behind the automobile.

Wilfredo loves sports and festivals. He likes capturing images that would make his audience want to discover more about the festival and feel if they were at a sporting event. He travels along the Gulf Coast with his favorite cameras and bring home memories immortalized in his photographs.